Project 4: Applied Meaning

Applied Meaning is a self-help tool that helps users identify ways to live a more meaningful life. Users add their meaning categories (what is important to them), sub categories (specific parts of the overall meaning category), and behaviors (small tasks that can be performed regularly). Each user's Meaning Profile on the Applied Meaning website is visible only to them, and can be used daily to help the user live a happy and meaningful life.

I was the primary back-end developer for this project. This was very different than my previous projects because, although I had seven models, all of which needed to allow the user to create data, I essentially had one page to work with. Here are the routes:

Appliedmeaningroutes 259330130f8811ed72e288467bbb605989fe5aeadc38b4ab6f4a31af20720f01

Aside from the landing/login page, this is a single page app. My favorite part about this project was figuring out how to use nested forms and force parameters without changing the URL. This is what the form looks like for the quadruple nested model called Behavior Histories:

Behaviorhistoryrenderform 55f4252cae0fd869e45b8c7b0253f18aaaf2ab30d438d6e06f10d18389581913

Behaviorhistoryform fdd402f559b31009c6cfce9e5969c1a56b821aa25d7843550341a4caa951b495

It was very difficult, but incredibly rewarding when I got everything to work just the way I had planned.

The Applied Meaning Github repo is private.


The deployed app is currently down due to issues with OAuth. I will update here when the app is up and running again.

User's Meaning Profile

Appliedmeaningprofile f6edefe4c40c0d40cdbf01114a96ef288646342e4fb9ba42ac9141a75480c00c


Appliedmeaningreadme d16f14b4ff1b8f0146448ab772aa3a5a7f5452af73d00c1235f61bc672c10b25