Project 2: Petnet

Have you ever gotten a Facebook friend request from a dog? Do you maintain a Facebook profile for your pet? Silly pets, Facebook is for people. Pets deserve their own social network! Enter Petnet, a social newtork for pets and the parents who love them.
Pet parents can sign up for an account, and then create profiles for all of their fur babies. Pets can create blog posts, which pet parents can comment on.

Petnet on Github


Click on any of the images below to go to the deployed version of Petnet.

Landing Page

Petnetlanding 06906bfc738a751f9e3a4bdbf529deb8be4b5d3c4e24b03872401db2bf5babb3

User's Profile

Petnetparent bf05b1ac493aef9e984fe83fb6ab1a9046889a464e6f6f6ae913d31927cd64f1

List of All Pets

Petnetpets aa200738c780825421d97b6f0363ccc7a6b1f8a19fbbe2369b7dc95d5c66b9e8

Pet's Profile

Petnetpetprofile 54ad4e30891e4cf533357776ce2048e5cd5966749dde905dfd86b353b849c107

Pet's Post

Petnetpost e7eff2314d368efb15b6e1f3301207cd1794de1f86ee3e76b0784fcabb581ba7


Petnetreadme 7f3b6fd9e75003d0792f0266d76514e98c9290369ab33c97a0012af6d1a333a0